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Global SME Insights – lessons from our work supporting SMEs across 83 countries

Welcome to the first volume of our SME Insights series.

Our insights are based on the work we do at the SME Movement, supporting SMEs across 83 countries, with the majority being based on the African continent. We are not providing a final insights or research paper, but some highlights of insights into the life of an SME. We are inviting everyone of our readers to share their story with us to continuously refine our insights series, supporting us to add value to SMEs and to make entrepreneurs think.

To read the insights click on this link (pdf)  https://bit.ly/2QGVO7X

Solving the SME disconnect

The SME sector is widely seen as the solution to joblessness and growth, and it’s receiving lots of help. Trouble is, few support initiatives are offering what SMEs need most: help building a sustainable client base.

To read the full article pick up a copy of Acumen Magazine or visit http://mags.contactmedia.co.za/acumen/25/ and scroll to page 72.


SME Movement on Classic FM

Michael Avery is joined by York Zucchi (Chief Coffee Drinker at The Business Opportunity Marketplace), Matsi Modise (Founder & CEO of Furaha Afrika Holdings) & Haneefa Motani (Owner of StyLishi) to discuss The Global SME Movement.


This Organisation Wants To Help Build A Global Entrepreneurship Support Ecosystem

By Gugu Louie May 30, 2018

It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur. The best entrepreneurs are just phenomenal problem solvers and in emerging markets there are several problems that creates immense opportunities. But access to that abundance of opportunities has various obstacles.

If you work as an entrepreneur you are aware of the frustration of not having capital to scale your business. Entrepreneurs continues to face day-to-day struggles in their operational business that are related to the ecosystem meant to support them to flourish.

The reality is that the entrepreneurship/SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) support ecosystem is broken, yet the world is filled with people wanting to lend a hand to them.

Now, a group of business people – who are passionate about making a measurable impact in the lives of entrepreneurs and SMEs everywhere – are establishing a Global SME Movement to tackle this challenge.

To read the full article visit the article below:

This Organisation Wants To Help Build A Global Entrepreneurship Support Ecosystem

The Entrepreneurship Support Ecosystem

Is the entrepreneurship support ecosystem broken? Surely there must be a better way to support SMEs that doesn’t crash the bank or harm the SME. For an ecosystem to work you need to tackle a number of angles. In this article, published in the May 2018 edition of Fast Company we explore 4 of these angles, namely legislation, bureaucracy and accounting, access to funding and financing, access to skills and access to markets.


Access to Markets: interview on Radio 702

Access to Markets is the next frontier to solve in order to support SMEs. Listen to Yiedi CEO Jayshree Naidoo speak about the challenges and solutions with regards to providing access to markets support for SMEs all over Africa and the world.