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To all the mentors, incubators and accelerators

We salute your efforts and dedication in supporting start-ups to find their feet, innovators in becoming sustainable businesses and SMEs to grow. You spend your days shaping them, supporting them and promoting them, yet all the efforts are in vain if your SMEs and entrepreneurs don’t find clients.

The good news is that we have a solution for you and doesn’t cost you a cent.

Since end 2016 we’ve been building one of the largest “Access to Markets” platforms to support SMEs, now used in over 83 countries (status of May 2018).

On a practical level this means you can access the platform and post on behalf of your entrepreneurs anything from “looking for a farmer to help test a new farming solution” to “we have a new product and are looking for a partner to expand into new markets” to “we would like to build a clinic and looking for partners to join us in this project”.

You can access the platform in 2 ways:

  1. The free way – no strings attached.

Go to https://bom.jte.zone , sign in and click “Post NEW Opportunity” and type what your entrepreneur is looking for or working on. There is no limit to the opportunities you can post. This is perfect if you want to support your entrepreneurs with access to markets.

  1. The White Label way

This is the ideal solution if you want to offer the above “Access to Markets” solution under your brand/logo. This basically means that for less than the price of 2 cups of coffee a month per entrepreneur, you can give all your SMEs access to your own labelled portal, thus helping them grow their businesses at the touch of a button. In addition you can show relevant business services next to each opportunity (e.g. accounting services, website development, B2B services). All the data belongs to you and you can access it through your dedicated administration portal where you can manage all your users and opportunities including the ability to download all the data to excel to use as you wish.

You can reach our mentors/incubators team on incubators@SMEmovement.org