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As a government you have an incredibly tricky challenge on your hands when it comes to developing the economy, especially the SME sector. Not only are you running a complex infrastructure and services machinery, you are also asked to support the thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of SMEs in your country to grow so that they can support and contribute to GDP.

The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have a solution which is already making a big impact that will:

  • Allow you to democratize access to markets so that everyone – including those living outside the major economic hubs such as township based businesses – has an equal access to a business opportunity
  • Allow you to support thousands to millions of SMEs across a whole country at the touch of a button
  • Increase the visibility of your efforts to support SMEs, making a real measurable impact on growing the economy, supporting everyone from the tiniest startup to the growing business to the larger corporate.
  • Reduce the friction around access to markets, therefore making it easier for businesses to find each other and to do business with each other.
  • Make it easier to support international companies to find local businesses to work with thus increasing international demand for products and services from your country.
  • Drive tax compliance and business formalization agendas: getting more informal businesses to become registered businesses that will pay taxes.
  • Increase the adoption of government supported services that are available to SMEs, thus also monitoring actual utilization rates and hence assist with decisions related to budget distribution.
  • Monitor in real time demand for services and generate actual relevant insights into the economy.
  • Tackle youth unemployment in a way that adds value to the business sector (e.g. matching the right youth to the right opportunity).

Contact us at government@SMEmovement.org to find out how our solutions can assist you as well as see how it is already helping Africa’s biggest economic region.