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Everybody Else

Thank you for wanting to make a difference!

Please go to the section below that most closely represents who you are:

  • You are employed and want to give back to the SME ecosystem
  • You are a student (ideally at university but open to anyone) and want to support entrepreneurs
  • You came across an entrepreneur and want to help them


You are employed and want to give back to the SME/Entrepreneurial ecosystem

Option A) If you come across an entrepreneur please help them clarify what they are working on and what they are looking for and then help them post it on https://bom.jte.zone  (click “Post NEW Opportunity” once you are logged on). Many entrepreneurs are often swamped with the multiple tasks they are dealing with, so if you help them communicate what they are looking for and post it, we will do the rest and find someone who is interested in their post.

Option B) If you come across an opportunity that could be relevant for an SME please post it! Go to https://bom.jte.zone and click “Post NEW Opportunity”. This could be a useful entrepreneurship event you heard of, a business competition, a tender opportunity, someone needs the services of an SME (e.g. Website development, delivery services, etc).

You are a student (ideally at university level or equivalent) and want to get involved

Go to your University or Business School and find every aspiring entrepreneur you can get your hands on or innovator/researcher you know of and help them formulate what they need. Help them be as specific as possible (e.g. Looking for a small hotel in Milan to test out our water saving idea”) then go to https://bom.jte.zone and click “Post NEW Opportunity”. Startups especially often need another pair of eyes to lend a hand in terms of understanding their needs and breaking them down in smaller requirements. This could be your opportunity to be that set of eyes.

You just want to help other entrepreneurs :

Let’s say you come across a struggling SME, someone you want to support. Go to https://bom.jte.zone and help them write a new opportunity (click Post NEW Opportunity). We will then do the rest and show that opportunity to thousands of other relevant businesses who might have an interest in the SME.

… and if you don’t know which bucket above you fit in, email us on global@SMEmovement.org