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Access to funding, skills development etc are great but meaningless if you don’t have clients. But finding clients has historically been an expensive exercise reserved for the few who have resources or are well networked. There is a world of business opportunities out there for you. The problem is how to find these opportunities and for others to find out what you are working on.

The good news: as an entrepreneur you qualify for free access to the global business opportunity marketplace that is used in over 83 countries. No strings attached. It is an initiative started in 2016 by an ex-Goldman Sachs and ex-Roche Pharma executive to help entrepreneurs everywhere to grow their businesses.

How does it work on a practical level? Go to https://bom.jte.zone, sign up (takes less than 30 seconds) and once you are in you can do the following 2 things:

  1. Find business opportunities that you’re interested in, message the person who posted it and start doing business with them!
  2. Post what you are looking for or working on. Once you click “submit” the portal will show your opportunity to businesses in over 83 countries (in a way that is relevant to them).

The cost? Nothing. Nada. Nix. Niente. It’s on us. We did this to help our fellow entrepreneurs. We only ask that you be nice on the platform and treat everyone with the professionalism and courtesy with which you’d like to be treated (spammers will get grey listed).

If there is anything we can help with email us on entrepreneurs@SMEmovement.org