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The truth is that supporting SMEs isn’t – generally speaking – very high on your list of priorities as a large corporate.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to support SMEs in a way that helps SMEs to grow AND improves your bottom line at the same time?

Option 1: ‘Posting opportunities to help SMEs grow’ way

Your large corporate organisation is made of many divisions, each experiencing daily business challenges, business opportunities and always in need for new innovative solutions.

We invite you – for absolutely no cost whatsoever – to post all your non-confidential business opportunities on https://bom.jte.zone (sign up – takes less than a few seconds – then click on Post NEW Opportunity). We will then show that opportunity to relevant SMEs who will then contact you directly and then you can decide who to engage with or not. We are active in over 83 countries so the likelihood is that someone out there has the solution to your business problem.

If you are not sure what opportunities to post, here are some examples from other organisations:

  • We are a large shopping centre looking at installing CCTV systems to improve our security and looking for innovative ideas and companies to help us.
  • We want to improve the yield of the crops in our farms and are looking at solutions for better use of water.
  • A number of our staff needs daily transport from Soweto to Sandton and we are looking for small bus companies to help us solve this problem and help our staff.
  • We want to enter the informal markets with our innovative hair products and are looking for organisations to help us activate our products in the markets.
  • We regularly run events and are looking for a solution that is cost-effective to help people sign up to our event and network and for us to be able to understand the attendees better.
  • We are seeking a solution to manage our remote primary healthcare facilities in a mining town, ideally someone with experience in that area.
  • We are contacted to manage the infrastructure of over 800 shops for a large chain and are looking for local SMEs for us to delegate some of the work to as currently we are sending our maintenance teams from far away. Locations include (here you can list where the shops are)
  • We are opening a new office and would like to create a coffee shop and looking for an entrepreneur who has experience running coffee shops to run it for us.
  • We are refurbishing our office and are seeking experienced furniture refurbishers to help us give a refreshed look to our old furniture. We are also looking for suppliers of plants and decoration ideas for our offices.

What you will achieve in posting an opportunity such as any of the above is giving an entrepreneur/SME an opportunity to pitch their solutions to you. This will have the positive effect of helping SMEs but also in solving your problem possibly cheaper than if you had gone to a large supplier (who has to pass on their total company costs to you).

Option 2: ‘The SME support And improve your bottom line’ way

This is a solution more suited to organisations that want to do the above (posting opportunities) but in a more systematic way.

Imagine there was a solution that:

  • Increases your brand’s positive association levels
  • Support you in strengthening and diversifying your supply chain
  • Increases demand for your services and products through measurable leads
  • Allows you to support communities where you operate
  • Generates powerful, measurable goodwill in the regions and countries in which you have operations
  • Helps you increase your B2B distribution reach and create aggregated demand for your products
  • Helps your clients and members grow their businesses (e.g. banks helping their business clients find opportunities to grow under your brand)
  • Lowers your costs of customer acquisition and retention
  • … and requires no new internal resources to manage

Contact us today on corporate@SMEmovement.org and discover how other large corporates are using our solutions across the world and in the process fixing the SME support ecosystem.

The solution is particularly suited for the following sectors:

Banks, Trade Shows, Marketing Companies, B2B Service Providers, Trade Associations, Insurance Companies, Chambers of Commerce, Mining companies, Healthcare organisations.