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The SME support ecosystem is broken. Join the movement and take the pledge to fix it.


Join The Movement isn’t a couple of people driving an agenda. Join The Movement is about thinking differently about the problem with #AccesstoMarkets.

Why is Access to Markets so important? Because the reality is that without clients you don’t have a business. Funding/financing will follow clients, rarely the other way round.

We believe that through making it easier for businesses to find each other around business opportunities we will increase the trade between businesses and reduce the friction associated with traditional marketing efforts (think about the money you don’t have to waste on Facebook or Google campaign).

We believe that there is a better way to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem. That there is a model to help businesses grow without having to betray the users’ trust.

Welcome to a new world. Welcome to the SME movement.

The people behind this initiative have been around the block. They worked for big banks (Goldman Sachs, Standard Bank, etc), big pharma (Roche, etc) and Governments. Collectively they have worked in over 24 countries. They are passionate about making a measurable impact in the lives of entrepreneurs and SMEs everywhere. Who they actually are is irrelevant: this is not about our ego, This is about all of us rolling up our sleeves and making a difference.

We hope you will join us, because together we can raise the tide for everyone.